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Hi everyone, I thought with my graduation, some of you would want to know what is coming next for me. Maybe some of you didn’t know that I graduated, so this may have been surprise in itself…well read on there’s more!

I started with ministry programs when I first joined the Continental Singers at 13. The thrill of meeting all new people and being able to sing and dance the gospel was amazing and made me want to keep going. I went back on Continentals again two years later which just confirmed the thrill of sharing about God. About a year later I went on a mission trip to downtown Brooklyn, NY where I spent two weeks doing service projects, kids clubs and coffee houses for urban youth. I felt a strong connection with the church and ministry there and have been going back almost every year since 2001. Two years ago I even spent the summer with them, helping with a new Chinese ministry where a summer school and VBS is combined for five days a week, all summer long. In just the past year, I have led to mission trips to Romania working with indigenous organizations that minister to orphans, Gypsies and unwed mothers. Because of the heart I have had for Romania since I was a child, I have made strong efforts to bond relationships and secure connections for continuing work. (During our trip, we published a blog where we posted what was happening. You can still access that blog at:

In May of 2006, I graduated from Northwestern College with a B.A. in Communications-Public Relations. Along with the joys of graduating, there are also questions of the future. I, along with my family, have been praying about what I would do after I am finished with college. I struggled because my passions were for ministry, but I was equipped with skills of PR. My question was how to combine the two. One morning, after spending a considerable amount of time in prayer over this matter, I received a call from Pastor David in NY. He asked if I would consider dedicating the next year or more of my life to the ministry they have established in the Brooklyn community. Because of my past connection with their church, I had always considered that option, but did not know if full-time ministry was right for the moment because of my pending college bills. I trusted that God would provide though, and when Dave told me the details I knew it was God’s answer to my prayers. I accepted the invitation a week later and the ball was off and rolling. I will be primarily working with the children’s ministry on Sunday mornings and then also with the youth groups during the week. I will be living in an apartment located right next to the church; therefore even if I am at home, I will always be available for ministry.

Part of my commitment to Brooklyn, requires raising support. I am taking this step of faith because I believe that God will use this to his glory, and I believe that this is where I am supposed to be. I believe that He has already provided the support that I need to see me through this adventure. $700 a month is what I need to raise for the year. If 28 people would commit to giving me $25 a month, I would be set. Before I leave in September, I need to have 6 months raised, so my need is immediate. I would hope you would pray about whether you will help me or not. I also want to remind you that by giving to me in this way, you would indirectly be a part of the ministry in Brooklyn. I will also need your continuing prayers, encouragement and humor to strengthen me during the time that I have committed to serving Brooklyn. Again I have published a blog where you can see even now where I am at in this process and once I am in the city, you will be able to keep track of what is happening. You can find the blog at:

I will be leaving the second week in September. Please pray for my travel as well as for my family as this is the first time that I will be far away for more than three months. I am excited to know what I am supposed to be doing, and I hope that I will be able to take your encouragement along with me. Please stay in touch as you are all very dear to me. I will do my best to update my blog and respond to any questions or comments as you post them! My prayers are also with you for blessings and joy to come to your home. Thanks for being a part of this ministry!

—Alissa 😉


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