Moving In

So a lot has happened in the last few days…I started a nanny job (on Thurs. and Fri.) and I wanted to quit right away, but it’s bearable for now. But on Saturday Becca and Patty took us to IKEA to get furniture to make our apartment into a liveable space!!! In a small mini-van on the way there, it was Emily, me, Becca, Patty and a friend Zoila. On the way home, it was Emily, me, Becca, Patty, our friend Zoila, two dressers, a bookshelf, a coffee table, another wall bookshelf, 6 med-sized photos, 3 rugs, 2 clocks, one bathroom storage unit, 84 tealights, a blind for the window, and a princess canopy for Emily’s bed. It was super tight……’cause there was more, but that was just our stuff. Anyway, when we got home at 1:30pm, some kids from the church came over to help us assemble stuff! It took us almost 7 hours to put everything together, so we ordered pizza for the group, and chilled out with them. It really felt like home that afternoon, because not only did we have things to put our clothes and things in, but the friends that we had, and the time we spent together

building the stuff was really “special”. Emily and I talked about how it was so much fun because in MN, if we were working with the youth, most likely we wouldn’t invite people over to help us assemble furniture. But HERE the kids just came over because they want somewhere to be, and they want to feel like they belong. We both want them to know that they will ALWAYS belong here. I included some pictures from that day, and what our apartment looked like BEFORE the new stuff….I’ll add some new pics soon. (After we clean! ;-))


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