Girls’ night!

Last night we had a girls’ night at our apartment. It was a great way to get to know the girls at our church! We played sleepover games like asking weird questions around the group, making jokes, burping and eating chocolate. (What sleepover would be complete without chocolate?) This morning we woke up ….well Emily, me and Christa woke up around 10am,…..and Irene cooked breakfast (that Emily and I weren’t priviledged to eat). THANKS IRENE! And now, Emily and I are chill’n with a girl looking at becoming another UTOPIA missionary. We’re having a fun time…and this afternoon, Emily and I are painting Sunday School sets for next week. I’m excited to get started with everything like that. This Sunday we’re teaching the Chinese Sunday School for the first time. That should be an adventure. I’ll make sure to write about it! Please pray for Emily and I to not feel so overwhelmed right now. Our apartment is the public place for the church….so we don’t have a lot of personal space. It’s hard some days….so pray for us.


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