Ah!!! Trick-or-Treat! On the morning of Halloween, I visited the bakery on our street. The owner asked if his two boys could come over later, and I said sure…around 4 o’clock. When I showed up at the bakery at 4, the dad was like….one minute! He ran in the back, got a Spider-man jacket for his 2-year-old son, and sent me off to go trick-or-treating with him! This picture is Kenny and me getting candy. He doesn’t speak English, and was shy while we went to all the shops up and down 8th Ave., so I had to say “Trick-or-treat” at every place. We were out for an hour, and got him a lot of sugar!!! That night, I learned how to make Tandoorie Chicken (a really spicy and bright orange Indian dish). It was a lot of fun. After that, I came back to two of the neighborhood boys outside asking me to take THEM trick-or-treating. (So I did) for 15 min. ’cause all the shops were closing. I really feel more part of the community when I do things like that.
This weekend we did the Saturday school for the first time. We only had 3 kids show up, and one of them didn’t speak English! We will be handing out fliers this week so we can get more kids. Overall, it was a trying week, but rewarding too. Tonight a few of us are baking cream-filled cupcakes with gnosh. You can keep praying that I will make solid relationships here, and for the relationship between my “partner in crime” Emily and I. On another note, I’m visiting home soon, so I’m excited about that! Yay….maybe I’ll see some of you!


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