The Craziest Thing

It’s a funny thing when people or situations around you just happen to turn out funny. It’s nothing you can plan on or hope for….but somewhere deep down you always do! You can’t plan on those things like choking on falafel cause you’re laughing so hard and at that exact moment a Jewish midget happens to walk past your window! Or like when you’re playing a game of Mexican Train with your grandpa who just had a stroke & as he’s moving the train forward he says “tweet tweet”! These moments are priceless….funny, hysterical and worth so much in memories.

Then there are those moments where you’re laughing at this lady dancing her heart out to some crazy music and realize that she doesn’t have a care in the world right now and you would LOVE to be in her shoes. Or moments when people you’ve never met come to you with a message they believe is from God…and they speak into what you’d been praying about all day but hadn’t told a soul!

But the craziest thing, is that tonight, after a day of secluding myself in silence (pretty much), I went home to watch the Bucket List. As I cried through the end of “The Bucket List,” all I wanted was some water & maybe something sweet. SO I went to my kitchen, got a big glass of water & reached into my “stash” to get a piece of Dove chocolate. As is my custom, I always fully unwrap the chocolate before looking at the phrase beneath. And what was the message I found? “Make a list of your dreams.” I laughed, I stared and then cried because somewhere deep inside I just needed to hear someone, something, anything encouraging at that moment. I just wanted to know someone was there & there He was….providing a little comfort & humor in the moment I needed it. A little reminder that God is in every moment of our lives….directing & navigating our path to His good will…and through His good sense of humor!


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