Alright, I know you’re all thinking…, she’s going deep with this, and I might by the end, but seriously, I’m just writing to say how incredibly odd my family is! (Though it’s rather endearing!) My mom borrowed a “detox” contraption, where you stick your feet in salt water & add this electric thing in the water….and the color the water turns after 30 minutes, will show you what in your body is really needing detox….in theory, if you do this enough, it’ll “clean you out.” SO….what did we do tonight? Had my aunt, her two kids & all of my fam try it out….while the rest stood around and watched. AH! what a great past time eh? I can’t believe this….we’re serious crazies some nights.

But bringing this around, don’t you wish we had a test like that, where we could stick our feet in the water of life, and depending on the color, we’d know if we needed to really work on pride, lust, envy, greed, or any other thing we are holding above God? It’d be great too if there was something we could do for 30 min. a day, and eventually it’d just be gone! Well, I can say from experience, that God Himself WILL tell you what you need to be growing in or working on, and if you purposefully spend time with Him and His Word, you will see those things working their way out of your life & being replaced with the goodness & purity of Christ himself….AH detox.


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