Just a Little Thing

Just thought I’d share today. This weekend, I went & visited a friend. I was all alone when I got there. It was peaceful, the breeze was slightly blowing & the smell of the sun drifted around me. As I sat down on the grass beside her, I started to cry. Not harsh tears, but silent & slow raindrops from within my soul. You see, my friend wasn’t really there….just the shell, but I had a conversation despite the fact I was physically alone. It was one of the best conversations I had…and I joked that I probably spoke more in that conversation than I ever had with her! 😉 It’s just a little thing, but sometimes voicing things out loud, saying what you need to say and doing it in the stillness of the setting afternoon, can cause you to release some of your loneliness, some of your grief. It’s not like I’ll hear a response, it’s not like I’ll get any opinions or feedback, but just saying stuff really felt good. I wish I could have this freedom with all of my friends, when they’re still alive.


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