Who are Those People?

Who are those people who have driven you to grow deeper in your life? This question was posed to me twice this week. It’s something I don’t think about, yet their mark is heavily ingrained on my life. A part of who I am is clearly because of who they were or continue to be. These people hold a special place in my soul, whether they realize it or not. They each have projected a distinct facet of Christ’s glory & purpose to me in many different situations. Below, I have written a short description of a few of these people, but have not listed names…you’ll know who you are I hope. You deserve blessings beyond what I could give you or thank you for. You are what Christ meant when he sent us out: living vessels that proclaim the gospel in & throughout your life. For this, I say thank you.

Wonder Woman–She is a friend who is always encouraging other people, always leaving messages of hope & love. Her bright spirit & happy smile is contagious. Though we do not live close, I know her friendship is just as true now as ever. She’s given me such a vision of a great, fun, exciting mom & wife can be.

Papermaker—Her friendship is irreplaceable. Her fun & energetic life is inspiring. I know that conversations with her can easily go from funny stories to deep conversations about life & what it means. Sharing my thoughts with her is so easy because she is the kindest person that I may have ever met. When I see Carnations I think of her, though I know she thinks of gas stations when she sees them.

Longhorn Lovers—This couple could not be a better example of a vibrant couple living their life & faith together. When I’m around them, I feel such acceptance & love. Real, genuine care comes from them and they never make people feel like a third wheel. Encouragement & strength is abundant here.

Boulevardier—He is a leader & an example of family vs. visitors. He is a bold, straightforward speaker of Truth in Christ. The way his family has accepted me into their home & life has been life changing. Seeing him live out ministry among many cultures gives me a vision of heaven on earth.

Messianic Heroine—She has been a friend for so long that I cannot imagine life without her. Though we’ve never lived closer than 1442.10 miles, our friendship has grown very close. Her stories make me laugh & sometimes cry. Her bold thoughts have helped me embrace my own thoughts & not keep them hidden. I live though her soap opera drama lifestyle, and appreciate her insight into my REAL life.

Memory Keeper—This woman showed me what it was like to love people. She genuinely loved everyone from the UPS guy to the person behind the register. She proclaimed Christ in a humble way that not many people do, simply through caring deeply for those around her. Her life cannot be replaced with memories but will never be forgotten.


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