"Seeing"–a Miracle

Last night, I was blessed to be able to see & hear from missionary friends who are visiting the States to share their ministry! I was so inspired by one of their stories that I wanted to share it here in the hopes that you too will be inspired to see how BIG God is, and how he pulls out all stops when He wants to show His power. Okay, so enough pre-story, here is the meat of it! Alright, so Doug & Roberta Moore, live with the thought “There will never be enough time, money, staff, etc. So we just have to do what we can with what we have & the Lord will provide more when we need it.” (So humbling & inspiring.) One night, visiting a small Romanian church, a lady got up to share a scripture with the church (this is a normal part of the service where attenders are able to share a song or scripture or thought to the congregation, without any notice)…the older lady borrowed her friend’s glasses, read the scripture, sat back down & gave back the glasses. Roberta sees this & happens to have a donated pair of glasses in her purse! She passed the pair down to the lady & by God’s grace, it matched the lady’s vision needs! Of course after the service, Roberta was surrounded by people asking if they had a pair for them too! She & Doug immediately “saw” the need for more glasses & went about collecting donations. They setup a day at this church when people could come & find glasses from the almost 300 that were donated. Doug & Roberta know nothing about prescriptions, so for all the people that came, they simply handed them pair after pair of glasses, asking “does this help? how about this one?” until they found a pair that worked for them! At the end of the day, ALL the people who had stopped by had left with glasses! All that was left were two pairs of glasses & a bag of “spare parts.” Doug & Roberta praised God that all those people had been blessed with sight & that God has so miraculously provided it to ALL the people! They began packing up when suddenly, the front door opened & two more ladies walked in looking for glasses. Doug said “well, we only have two pairs left” but the ladies wanted to try. They put the first pair on one of the ladies, and it amazingly was just the right prescription!! To the second lady, they said…”I’m sorry, but this second pair only has one lens,” and after trying it on, even the one lens didn’t seem to help. They felt terrible to see this lady walk away, the only one without glasses! Then they remembered the bag of spare parts. They called the woman back and after some crafty work & piecing together, they were able to make a pair of glasses that not only fit, but helped her see!! PRAISE GOD! Again, Doug & Roberta were amazed that God was able to help ALL the people & have just a little left over. Again, as they were packing up, the door opened. This time, a man walked through, apologizing for being late, but that he couldn’t come sooner because of work. They told him “I’m sorry, the only pair we have left is this pair with only one lens!” To that, he responded —-“THAT’S OKAY, I ONLY HAVE ONE EYE!”—-God is amazing, not only did he provide for all the people, but he provided WELL for them, knowing just what prescriptions to be brought in to Doug & Roberta, for the exact people who would walk through that church door. If you don’t believe in this God, it’s sad, because of how much Joy he brings & how powerful He is. This is simply breathtaking….don’t you want to love this God?


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