Run in Freedom

This morning, I woke up to the beautiful rat-tat-tatting of rain on my windows, giving me a good reason to wake up & take my barefoot self outside on the deck to enjoy the morning. There is not much like the scent of rain in the early blue-dark morning. This morning, I brought with my Bible to read….before I put it away, I looked in my journal and found a Psalm that I had written about a year ago! As I read the section, something new splashed out…see if it does that for you too: “I run in the path of your commands for you have set my heart free.” (Psalm 119: 32) I RUN….this caught my eye. So often I look at things that Christians do or how we feel our life should be lived, and I see it as stepping on eggshells, don’t step too hard, too fast, to far away, too much of ANYTHING. Be careful when this happens, watch out when you see this…so many warnings it feels like everything is under constant scrutiny. But this describes our “walk” as a RUN! When I read this, I pictured someone running with all their heart, not having an end, just endlessly running with passion. No where near eggshells.

Just a thought for your day.


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