Perspective through Prisms

On the road tonight, I was going back over my day. I was thinking about all my conversations, the interactions I had & the feelings I got from people. One conversation stuck out to me. We were talking about how some people aren’t really who they have been or who they really are…trying to find that again.

Well, I pondered this as I drove. Because I feel like I am currently not who I am normally…which got me thinking further…is the person I was, supposed to be the same as who I will be? If the person I am now, is not the same as last year, should the person I was last year be my goal? I don’t think so….I hope actually that I am in some ways completely different than the person I was last year. So many things have happened, that it would be a shame if it didn’t change the person I was into the person I should be. And we all know transition is odd & awkward….maybe that’s why I don’t feel like myself: it’s because I’m turning into someone else…not necessarily a worse someone, but someone different. And because I don’t know who that will be, it feels frightening. BUT….here’s the positive thought that came through.

Light, when it comes through glass, makes a new, condensed light. Put a few different pieces of glass in front of a light & it will make a few different lights. Okay, stay with me…this will get cool. Imagine that you are like a light, the sun perhaps, that will shine until the end. Now imagine that trials are like glass. They’re hard & you have to somehow make it through. Imagine a prism….there’s lots of facets, lots of hard things to go through…twists & turns that you can’t always see but they’re there none the less. When your light goes through it, does it come out the same or unchanged? Absolutely not. It comes out better….brighter, colorful & magnificent. Without the obstacle of a prism in the light’s way, you would never know how many colors you light held. And think of how prisms make light dance. Rainbows shine all over a room, just like the people you’ll touch when you go through these “prisms”. If you didn’t have that to change you, you’d only shine in one spot….but because of the facets, you can shine to many many many people & show a brighter picture.

My life is changing & shining through a prism. It has to go through something before the new beauty can shine! I’m waiting…..trying to find my way, but can you imagine with me? If your life is going through a prism, what will you look like on the other side?


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