Black & Blu but NEW

We’ve all seen way too much
But we can’t look away from the sun
A silhouette was burned in our minds
It’s gonna take so much time
To forget what we’ve seen, who we met, where we been

So thinking about the past year, the good the bad, the ugly & yet awkwardly beautiful, these lyrics describe it greatly. They talk about how we all get beat up & bruised, and that it’s going to take a lot to get all the pain & “stuff” off of our lives.

Starting this year fresh, hopefully it will be a year of….who knows what. Hopefully nothing like this year, but yet hopefully a lot of growing too, learning & adventure!

There will always be time to lick my wounds, put steak on my eye & cry more….but there will not always be time to live here, with you & share how God has blessed me. Help me in my prayer that whatever happens this year, that we will have confidence in Christ’s direction & will for our lives. That He will be glorified in what we do & that if we are asked to take a new step forward….that we will.


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