Staying in

So when you have a blank slate of a day, no pressing engagements, rushed appointments or fast approaching deadlines, what do you do? Do you stay home? Go out? Call a friend or just sit quiet? Do you try to hide from the world, keeping to your own schedule or do you open yourself up to take on new responsibilities or tasks?

People have often told me….I did this thing, so that I didn’t have to just sit home alone. I guess the option is: stay home or do something? Often times, I’d prefer to stay home….it’s rare that I get time to just do things I’d like to do, or spend the afternoon in pj’s reading on the couch, so if I get the chance, I’ll take it. And yet sometimes, I’ll fill it with so much “stuff” that at the end of the day, I feel like another day off is needed, just to recover! Ha. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And what about when you know an old friend will be at your old favorite spot, and you’re not sure if they’d REALLY like to see you, but you’d REALLY like to run into them, and so…..there’s the choice: do you go or not? I guess it’s kinda like staying home… you stay home & control what’s going to happen, or do you go, opening yourself up to something that could happen either good or not so much? What does this have more to do with? Honesty with yourself? Courage in social graces? Boldness in breaking old boundaries? Curiousity in the unknown?

Too many times I trust in my own imaginings of the future situations, to trust that whatever God desires in that situation will happen. Contrary to my own occasional belief, my mind is NOT all knowing, or powerful enough to manipulate a situation into the way I’d hope it to go. Hm. I guess it’s just a reminder that…..whether it’s my day off, or an unknown situation, to just trust God in opening myself up to what He may have for an agenda. It might be a whole day “off” but it may just be a good time to be “at work” for God!?


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