Just a few thoughts…

This morning, I woke up to a partly sunny day, still waking up itself. The birds were quiet, but making preparations for the days business. My neighborhood was rather quiet also, a peaceful air was all about. It was a good morning. Not to mention, it’s my birthday, so when I stepped downstairs, I was greeted with the smells of Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (Thanks again Renee), and a BEAUTIFUL painted card (Thanks Lisa). It made me smile.
Now I’m 25. Does that make me grown? Probably…..probably more in 5 years, but for now 25 is enough. My parents harmonized the birthday song on the phone this morning, and I was impressed…they responded “yeah, it’s just one thing you learn to do over 25 years.” Which made me think about what are some of the things I’ve learned in these 25 years? So here are a few thoughts….
You really shouldn’t chase a foal from behind….especially when your mouth is within kicking distance.
Ice Cream tastes really good when it’s stirred.
The best way to warm up your feet after playing in the snow, is to hop on the couch, cover up with two blankets & stick your feet under five pillows…..while drinking hot chocolate.
A person should always bring an extra shirt along when wearing a white shirt…you just never know what could happen.
You can never leave the air conditioning on too high when you have a pet nute…and then when he’s frozen, you should never use a desk lamp to “reheat” him…it ends in death.
Carnations will eventually remind you of gas stations.
Black socks make small feet look retarded…..and that is why I despise them.
There are just some things that you want to do by yourself…and no matter how awkward it is to tell people you don’t want them around, it’s worth it.
Walking around a lake at 2am on a clear starry night is the best way to enjoy it!
You might not want to dress up your little brothers in dresses & makeup….they may live to resent you.
Blogging is a really fun & easy way to process & get thoughts out of your mind.
Being surprised by perennial lilies in your garden is a great thing.
Doing a random act of kindness is arguably more beneficial to you than for the person receiving.
Using a Kleenex while crying really does make you look old….however, it’s much more effective than your hand.
Movies should be enjoyed outdoors.
EVERYTING should be enjoyed outdoors.
Parents are brilliant…..but can’t be told that too quickly or they’ll get the big head.
Always listen before you speak, and remember you don’t always have to speak.
You have to be a friend to make a friend.
Try really really hard for things, and if you give up, remember why….and learn from it.
If you feel a strong pull on your insides to say something to someone and it seems absurd, it might be the Holy Spirit……say a 5 second prayer, say something, and see what happens.
If you have a tendency of rocking out in your car, pay attention to the people watching you…..it might be embarrassing.
When you try to jump off of a boat, make sure you don’t land on the edge…or worse.
Notice the people in your neighborhood, and appreciate the varied cultures, languages & styles.
Learning a little bit of a language can take you a long way.
Be nice to everyone.
Angels are real.
There is not many things better than laying out on a blanket, with a good book (or not) and just enjoying the sun, lake, trees, sky, clouds, people, grass, butterflies, birds, waves, boats, ducks….
Life is better when enjoyed & not critiqued constantly.
You should always keep an open mind when traveling abroad, and don’t be afraid to climb a fence.
It’s always more fun to get lost than stick solidly to a map. (If you have the time.)
….and finally, one thing I’ve learned over the last 25 years, is to really appreciate the friends & family that are so dear to me. You are all so wonderful, and I hope to learn more things from you in all of my days/months/years to come. And I know this list was a bunch of “crap” but hopefully someday you might be able to learn something from me in return! Happy Birthday to me, and thank you to all of you who helped make it a special day!

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