Toes touching the water

On a trip recently, I walked to the middle of a river, on a rock path. I found a perfect sitting rock, took my sandals off, rolled up my jeans and put my feet in. The water was running fast all around me, pulling at the rock that wouldn’t move, urging it to flow downstream, yet it held its course. I sat there with my toes underwater, feeling the power of the water and I almost cried. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything that has scared me, or challenged me in a way that I don’t want to face. I don’t know if that’s either good or bad…or neither, but it intrigued me. There I sat, having said earlier how I don’t really enjoy rivers as much anymore….and with the water pouring down around my feet, I enjoyed it. I felt the power and the surge, and wanted nothing more than to lay back against that rock, and stay there in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t sad…I was calm.

It’s interesting to find those things that sometimes scare us, or give us bad memories, and try to overcome those thoughts. I wasn’t really setting out that day to do something I didn’t want to, but once I was there, it was something that called me from within…just go, don’t let it hold you back, don’t take for granted the beauty of the rushing water. It brings God joy to see us enjoy His creation, rather than locking ourselves inside, while being too afraid of what might happen.

This was originally written in June….but just published today. Hope it met you today.


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