Finding God through his Character

A few years ago, before blogging became my medium of choice, the thought came to me that if God was love, then I should find out what love is and that would show me who God is or what He is like. I searched all these different verses of the Bible, looking for how they described love & wrote them all down in my journal. It was a search that I strung out over a while, and thought about many of these aspects.

While someday I might share some of that with you here, for now I have another aim that I am seeking. It is to see how God has revealed himself to his people throughout the Bible, through the different books, testimonies, stories & revelations. I don’t believe this will turn into an exhaustive study, however… never can tell where the Spirit of God might lead me in this.

A sermon I heard recently, named off how Jesus is revealed in most of the books of the Bible, and through other sources, I’ve filled in the rest of those books. This will be my lens that deciphers what I am searching for, to help me filter all that God is, into simple teaspoons to swallow. I’ve divided the 66 books into 53 sections, and my goal is to look at one section a week throughout the year.

Part of this comes from a desire to worship just who this God is that I’ve chosen to follow, another reason comes from a stubbornness to create further discipline in my life….a discipline to always search for & learn more….and to understand how to weave it into the work in progress story that is my life.

This is all for now….but I will leave you with a teaser of the first marker to hit….it will be from Genesis and will have to do with Abraham. Keep reading….


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