Eggs & Toast

Today is my birthday. I’m 26. I’m now over the hump on my way to 50. haha. This morning I woke up to an overcast sky….something I love in the morning. My dad made me scrambled eggs, toast with apple butter, fresh cherries & strong coffee. It was great.  As I took probably my third bite of eggs though…..he said, “If mom was here, she’d make this really special for you.” Obviously I lost it.

It’s now 10 o’clock & I’ve been crying off & on since 7. What is it about those little things, simply having a little breakfast of eggs & toast that gives you thoughts of your mom?  He was right, and suddenly those eggs & toast didn’t taste as good…they weren’t something I really wanted because all I really wanted was to have my mom here.  This is the first birthday I’ve ever spent without her.  Even when I celebrated my 20th birthday in NYC, my family flew out to visit me.  When I had a birthday on tour in Missouri, my sweet 16, my parents drove down to celebrate with me.

Birthdays are always big days. I like to make them special for other people, and I always want to do something big for my own simply because it’s a great excuse to do something extraordinary.  Here are some extraordinary things I’ve learned this year……You can always expect the unexpected, People mean much more than possessions, Miracles do still happen, Spur of the moment is usually more fun than something long awaited, When all doors seem closed look up because there might be a skylight, Sunsets over the ocean are meant to be enjoyed on land, Don’t think things are always too good to be true, Dare to love and have courage to hurt, Do not settle, and Appreciate any opportunity that comes your way.

This is just my morning birthday thought. I’ve other more “spiritual” things that I’ll write about later.  Enjoy the day!


3 thoughts on “Eggs & Toast

  1. Pelly says:

    My beloved Alissa… I love your words! Sorry you had a hard birthday. I can imagine how much you miss your mom!! … and even more on your birthday. Love you!


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