Now & not later

Tonight was an interesting evening.  I was blessed to be able to join my friends Erin & Deb at a meeting of youth, for Timber Bay.  This was the organization that this years’ “Come Run with Julie” race raised money for.  We were able to go, tell the kids about Julie’s story, give them some t-shirts & also tell them about what was raised for them.

Sitting on an island, with a bonfire going, listening to Deb, the mother of my dear friend Julie, talk about Julie’s life and death, and the impact that it has had on the world, just broke something in me.  One of Deb’s stories, mentioned that Julie had never had a passport, or ever made it out of the country.  Yet after she died, they heard from people on SIX continents that had been touched by Julie’s story…..that they wanted to tell others about her legacy.  For a girl who never left the states, that is quite the impact.  It just made me think about what my impact would be if I had been in her situation….or even just a different one where I was gone suddenly, would my life leave a mark?  hm.

I think about my mom too, and how all she ever wanted to be was a mom.  She met that goal head on, and was the best mom I’ve ever had or known about.  (no offense to you other moms out there…..mine was the best.)  She put everything she had into loving us kids, and when she died, as horrible as it felt, what an honor to see over 700 people show up over three days, to remember her and praise the life that she had poured out here on earth, living a life that she felt God called her into.  And I just wonder, will my life make an impact like that someday?  hm.

What else got me thinking, was a picture…..out of a stack of about 40 photos, one held my gaze….a photo of Julie & Andrea, standing close to the rivers bank, with their feet in the water, not quite full in, but testing it, both faces aglow as the cool water probably tickled their feet.  The photo was taken just moments before they faced the falls, but the looks on their faces were so peaceful, so content, so beautiful and happy.  There was no indication of what was about to happen.  This was a moment, a sacred moment, where things were okay.  They were going well.  Then minutes later, the sharp reality of life’s uncertainty gripped their bodies and pulled them from our lives.  ……..

We never know when things like this are going to happen.  We never know who it will happen to.  We never know why terrible things happen to good people.  But we do know that there is hope.  There is a hope we can find in Jesus, in trusting in Him to be our savior, to walk with him & stumble with him.  To allow him to overflow into our hearts & lives, rather than life flowing over us.  He loves you.  He really does.  And there’s no better time than right NOW…..not five minutes from now, but NOW to accept his love and turn your life towards Him.

My mom didn’t know she’d be leaving so soon, and Julie wouldn’t have guessed how her life would end, but as you & I sit here in front of this computer, if we were to go right now……would you know Jesus? would you have hope?  would you go in confidence trusting that the Lord had your life in His hands?  You need to know, that there is hope, and that it is only found in the one true God.


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