Almost out

So today I will depart on a new journey of sorts. The WinterJam tour has brought on Nick Hall to share a message with 500k people, at over 47 venues, in 22 states! It’s going to be life changing work, with life changing results.

So if he’s speaking, what’s my job? Well I’ll be following the tour for many of those shows, being another face for PULSE as well as handling the merch at our booth. Honestly I’m not so sure what a normal day will look like, but that will come soon enough. 🙂

For the next two weeks of this first stent, I’ll try to keep you updated, sharing prayer requests, tour updates, fun facts and of course I’ll post photos as well! It’d be great to know who’s following us as we travel, so leave comments or join us at a show!

Ooh, and did I mention…our road case is one U2 used?????? It’s a beautiful day!

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