Day 3: Setting Up

This morning we had no idea what the “schedule” was, so we re-read the welcome letter, and ran some errands before heading over to the Civic Center which is conveniently close to our hotel.  After wandering around the building, being guided by a chef, we found the Production Assistant and Tour Manager, got checked in and went out back to see where our road case would be delivered.
Lo and behold, as we walked outside, there was a semi-truck that Tawny recognized as the one that picked up the road case in MN!  We waited for only a few minutes until the driver opened the back and THERE WAS OUR CASE!!  It was so great!

 We setup our booth, as the bands were having sound checks….Peter Furler was checking, and singing some great classic Newsboys songs, and I knew every word.  I started singing along, and Tawny admitted to me that she didn’t even know who the Newsboys were!! I was appalled.  Then I realized that Phil Joel was also here, and so I was pumped when two of my favorite artists (Peter & Phil) walked into dinner later and sat at our table (!!!) with us, when……..Nick Hall & Jay said it was time to go (!!!).  …..I’ve got to remind myself we’ll be having dinner with the artists plenty of times.  🙂

After we had setup, Tawny & I walked downtown for lunch….I thought both these signs were great.

And then Tawny schooled me about sunglasses…

After that we walked down Capital Street, with lots of cool little old shops, met a guy filming for an MTV show, and then had coffee at Taylor Books before heading back.  I had a cool “Emerald Road” which was a latte with Irish Cream & Coconut….with Almond milk! mmmmm

….interesting find on the way back.  Remind me, where is America & Italy? I was pretty sure they weren’t in the Middle East!?

 ….found the signatures of some good people!

Here’s our great banner & front of our sweet road case!  Wait for another photo of the whole setup soon!

 After all the rehearsals & dinner, Tawny & I walked down to the river to see this sweet bridge that was lit up, and changing colors.  It was superb.  A bit cold, but worth the walk.

I think not knowing what this tour is going to be like, and entering into a new & uncharted territory for me, a verse from 2 Chronicles 20:12 comes to mind….”…we know not what to do, but our eyes are on You.”  I love that.  even when you’re unsure of the future, if you continue to look to the Lord to direct you, you cannot fail.  Keep relying on the Lord, and He will be your strong guide!


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