Day 6: Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Started out the day with some good coffee. Headed to church with the whole tour. We missed the first bit but, what we got from it was that those things that we feel we need to control so tightly are precisely the things we need to hand over to God.

After that we got to have a long and relaxing lunch with some new friends from the tour and still managed a record set up time…the booth was up in about 20 minutes. The rest of the night seemed pretty normal but here is a recap of the weekend: we handed out about 3,000 gospels of John. Just last night Nick spoke to almost 13 thousand people. Tawny had a great conversation with this girl who was impacted by the night. She was struggling with knowing how to share the gospel with some teens that she works with and after hearing Nick speak she found a new inspiration to keep trying.

We ended up fitting all of out extra boxes into our road case with a little help from our awesome volunteer Chip. And to end the night we ate the most amazing mouth watering mini donuts ever. Now we are headed into a couple of days of rest in a location to be announced… 🙂

Here are some things to pray for,
Nick as he speaks the next few days in Florida.
That the responses made this weekend would continue to grow deeper.
That everyone on the tour including us could have a few days for good rest before going back out.

…..oh, and we got locked out of our car at midnight. And got a bowl of candy from our friends while we waited for the locksmith. 🙂


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