Day 12: Funnies

Yesterday was a pretty sweet day. We started out realizing it was Friday the 13th, and read our devotional that talked about waiting on God’s adventures… we weren’t sure how it would turn out. Here were some of the highlights:

As I was getting in the service elevator, two employees told me how to work it and said “oh yeah, and MAKE SURE you press this button or the door won’t open and you’ll be stuck in there!” so I used the elevator and made it out ok. But since I was in a hurry, when I got out, Tawny hopped in to go back down and as the door was about 5 inches from closing, I remembered about the button so I frantically yelled “don’t forget to press the button or you’ll get stuck!” she yelled back “which button?” but then the door closed. I started laughing SO hard!!!!! When Tawny made it out…..five hours later 😉 she was laughing too. We both nearly collapsed we laughed so hard. Good times.


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