Day 18: Cleveland

Yesterday we joined up with the tour in the morning for Jam Church, where one of the bands will lead us in worship and then either Nick or the tour pastor will lead us in a message.  This morning, a few of the guys from Newsong lead worship and Nick spoke on Mark 2, challenging us to really be intentional on praying for the lost, sharing His story with them and doing whatever it takes because that’s what Jesus did for us.  He did whatever it took to show us His love for us.

Nick told us all about this girl who had just come up to him the night before, who had been really moved by the message.  She told him how she’d been abused most of her life, hurting herself, all these horrible things, and that tonight she finally felt like God loved her and knew her.  She had her hand holding tight onto something and handed it to Nick….without him looking at it yet, she told him that it had been around her neck for most of her life, as a constant reminder to her of how worthless she was.  She told Nick that she didn’t want to wear it anymore because from that day forward she wanted to see herself as God saw her….beautiful.  As she walked away, he opened his hand to see a chain with a razor blade on the end.  This is the object she wore around her neck daily….a razor blade.  And that girl now walks with the freedom of Christ, having a banner of love to hang around her neck from now on.  That is the power of Jesus.  Incredible.

After church a group of us went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  I gotta say it was pretty great to go there with some of our new friends, who happen to be signed to labels that are on the walls of the Hall of Fame.  We were there with band members from Newsong, Peter Furler band & We As Human….and someday we’ll go back there to see all their names on a wall too! 😉  (You should check out their sites:,,  It was really great to see Michael Jackson’s glove, the Beatles’ guitars/suits, the Temptations’ stage outfits, Janis Joplin’s car…..all this stuff that a non-musician loves about musicians….the dumb things, but I enjoy it.

When we got back to the venue, Tawny & I had record setup time and then met our awesome volunteers Megan & Chad.  They were super.  We prayed with them for a few people that we met throughout the night and just had a great time talking about ministry together.  So thankful that they were there with us.  I also had a chance to talk with these two girls, Emily & Hope.  Hope was super depressed looking….like not even responding hardly or looking up.  It felt like something was just not right, so when Nick came by, I pointed her out to him and said we needed to pray for her….so he went over and started talking with her and then called me over.  We got to pray with her and tell her how much God loves her.  She started crying and was really thankful we came to talk with her….later on in the night I saw her laughing and smiling.  It was great.

All in all, it was a great end to the weekend.  Though we’re off of the tour for the next few weeks, you can be sure I’ll still be praying right along with them and trying to be patient while waiting to go out there again.  This is such a great movement….so thankful to be part of this.  God is doing great things.



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