Day 19: Traveling to Austin

Aaaaaaaa-ustin.  Oh how I love thee.  And finally, I made it here.  My flight this morning was originally scheduled to leave at 8:20, then got moved to 10:45, then 11:50, then 2:20pm…….and finally at about 4:57PM I landed in 80 degree weather, sun dimming behind the earth and humidity wrapping it’s arms around me in welcome.  Thanks Austin….appreciate the warm hug!

Now if only Tawny’s flight would get here…..hers was also delayed significantly, thanks to high winds in our connecting city of Denver.  Yet while I’m waiting, a coffee shop was calling my name!

I found one that was voted something like “one of the coolest coffee shops in the country”…..not sure if I’D give that title, but it’s definitely cool.  Flipnotics.  Even the name is cool.  There was a live musician tonight, so that was pleasant….thankful it was good music!  On my way here, I passed a trailer park eatery…..basically a dirt parking lot full of trailer food shops….awesome.  I also passed a potentially cool coffee shop with a sign boasting of a caffeine dealer….that made me laugh.

Tomorrow we’ll have a show in Cedar Park, TX, so if you’re in the area, PLEASE come and see the show!!!  We’d all love to have you!

….Tawny just landed, so I’m off!! Ya’ll come back now ya’hear?


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