Day 20: Austin x2

Austin….again I just love it here! This morning we headed out to drive through the downtown and explore a bit. We took a hilly, scenic road into the city and drove back to Flipnotics for coffee and an organic cookie…..and to pick up the cell phone charger that I had forgotten the night before.

Next we headed down South Congress, toward the Capitol building! The Capitol of TX. 🙂 It was pretty sweet. After that I took tawny down the street I’d explored the night before, except this time we stopped at some boutiques and I had to get a photo of the sign that read ‘599c special’. It made me smile.

We picked Nick and Tiff up at the airport and then went to lunch with them and the guys from We As Human at the Salt Lick BBQ. It. Was. Good. 🙂

Being back on tour tonight is super fun….seeing everyone again and hearing about what all they’ve been doing the last 3 weeks, it’s good fun.

Tonight probably 70% of the audience stood in response to the gospel!!! Praise God for working in Austin! Next stop? Wichita, KS!


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