Giving Thanks #47

Anna is the wife of my brother’s biological father in Romania.  Whenever I’ve visited her, one cannot help but notice that she encompasses the definition of generosity and kindness. Having suffered through communism, losing her husband with young children at home, she married Tyler’s biological father to help him raise his three young children after his wife had died.  She has loved her own family, the Roman family and my family with utmost care & devotion.  Right now though, in her 70’s, she is suffering from uterine cancer.  She had a surgery but the doctors told her there wasn’t much more they could do.  Now she waits for the inevitable, but still carries a smile and hope in the Father who has provided for her every moment of her life and will provide a way through this next trial by healing her either here or in eternity.  A meal from these hands will give you humility because she does this without asking anything in return.  She is the epitome of the person who will give you everything from the little she may have and offers it freely……so worthy of this thanks. Eu vă mulţumesc pentru viata si iubire.


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