Giving Thanks #70

One night, in the summer of 2008, my friend Julie & I went on a photo excursion.  We started out at an old abandoned house and were there for hours. Then a storm rolled in….a BIG storm.  We drove to my farm (only about a mile away) and instead of going straight inside, we decided (mostly her) that it would be worth it to stand out in the pouring rain & HAIL to get a cool shot of lightning.  Since there was so much of it, we both agreed to the thought “how hard could it be!”…..well…..after completely exhausting our batteries and memory cards, and being comPLETEly soaked through, we had exactly two photos of lightning, neither of which were anything of noteworthiness….but more than those little glimpses of lightning that night, I remember the complete and ridiculous fun we had out there. We BOTH knew we were crazy, and that it really “wasn’t” worth the risk out in the storm, but we BOTH didn’t care.  We just wanted to have an experience, and an experience we had. That is for sure.  🙂


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