Tell them…

There is something about living life, about getting older, that makes the urgency or your words more important and the noticings of the good in those around you more meaningful.

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been seeing things about people and not being able to help myself tell them. The lady on the plane with the kindest eyes. The store clerk that has a great name. Making eye contact to say thank you and be sure the person understands how much you really appreciate them. Helping up a fallen child on the ice and telling the Mom what a nice son she has.

It seems like an old woman thing to do. Oh this. Oh that. A slight nod and a glint of a smile. Hands folded and away. It might not be much. It might not be loud. It might not be anything really…to you. But to the person to whom you speak, it might be just the thing that brightens their day, that reminds them they are seen…actually seen, it might be just the thing they have been asking God about and you, in the noticing, are sharing His answer with them.

In one week, I think I was told by three or four random strangers that I had a glow about me, that I had bright eyes, that there was some kind of joy they saw just as they walked through a coffee shop door and wanted to tell me they saw it. Who does that?! Well they did and now I want to too! Don’t you? Wouldn’t you want to be someone’s blessing? Someone’s reminder of Gods love over them? Wouldn’t you want to be the person that recognizes in someone else what you hope others would recognize about you?

Maybe first we should start opening our eyes to see it in other people, and stop being afraid to tell them! Tell the lady she has beautiful eyes. Tell the bus driver he is very patient. Tell the clerk that she was generous and helpful. Tell them. He, our Lord and Savior tells you every day how much He loves you, so why don’t we tell them? Let’s start. Let’s try.


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