Hurry up and wait

IMG_2511This seems to be the name of the game these days. Hurry up and wait. Hurry and have a garage sale, hurry and put your house on the market, hurry to get things put into storage, hurry up and clean everything, hurry to go meet with people you won’t see for a while, hurry and write letters, hurry to raise support,…..and all the while, make sure you take your time to pray and spend some good time with the Lord. (Of all the things I’ve been hurrying to do t his past month and a half, the latter has definitely been something I’m thankful to have made some time for…though many days I long for more time to spend in the Word.)

One of my to-do lists this past month.

One of my to-do lists this past month.

It’s a weird time of life, this little “comma” if you will in the transition, the time in between cleaning, packing, storing…., and actually heading overseas. It is an exciting time, getting rid of things I know I haven’t needed in years, packing up special things that will be helpful in Romania, telling friends about everything I learned in Montana, and telling them about what I will be going to do soon…and then the inevitable question: So when are you leaving? The answer that should be easy enough, is one of the toughest I’ve had in a while because it’s a complicated answer….the short of it being that I’m still in the process of raising monthly sponsorship to be able to go. It gets complicated when you try and put dates on it….there’s an anxiousness I feel to get going now, and yet at the same time, I’d love to stick around for a while, attend my friends’ weddings, see my family when they will be in Minnesota, and other things….but I really do want to get to Romania as soon as possible, even if it means missing some of those things.

I’m so close to going that I can taste it. Some have asked about where I’m at with support, and currently I’m at 75%! Which is a huge praise!! So many of you have come around me in support both as prayer warriors and financially and I appreciate that greatly! Please keep praying about this. Now is the time! I’ve got to reach 90% before I leave, but ultimately do need to be at 100%. Although this blog post wasn’t originally meant to be an ask for support, do pray about it, will you?

Now let’s just hurry up and wait! 🙂 With great anticipation of what God is doing, let’s watch for Him every day, and in every situation. Waiting can be a lot more bearable if we have hope, and with Christ our Hope is secure!


One of the most beautiful color contrasts at the Tyler Rose Garden!


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