Jachin and Boaz

Naming things is a big deal. It means a lot to the future of whatever it is that you name. Some studies I’ve read have even predicted that certain names will be more likely to advance in the work place, be suspended from school, get hired more often or be admitted into better schools. It’s crazy to think about these things, and how a little choice on names can seem to have such a profound impact. Yet history is a testament to the truth of this.

Even God uses specific names and titles to describe Himself with unique characteristics, and His people did the same. In 2 Chronicles 3:15-17, I was reading about Solomon building a temple for the Lord. He, in all his elaborate planning, decided to name two of the pillars outside the temple. He named them Jachin & Boaz. Seems normal enough, right? I guess for that time maybe.

For my curious self, I wanted to know what these names meant, because why would you name pillars of a temple? That seemed weird. According to an Int. Bible Standard Encyclopedia, the names Jachin & Boaz mean “He shall establish & In it is Strength”! Soak that in for a moment. As you walk through the temple columns, you pass through these two that mean “He shall establish and in it is strength.” It would bring you to your knees. It is at the throne of God that He will establish you, in His presence that you will gain your strength.”

It’s a good reminder to me that this is where my strength comes from. It cannot be gained through any other way, but only as I come before the Lord and wait for His strength to lead me. Knowing this, how often are we spending at the food of Him who strengthens and establishes us?


Sandy Beach, Juneau, AK


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