Hey friends, I wanted to send a quick update, and also ask you a few questions.



  1. Yes, I did find someone who wants to purchase my house and hoping to close August 28th!
  2. Yes, I am still in MN until then and looking to leave for Romania on September 2nd!
  3. Yes, I do still need financial support, but thanks to so many of you, the gap is closing quickly!

I’ve been so blessed by many of you, meeting up for coffee, dinner, taking a walk or just calling to tell me that you’ve been praying for me. This journey is not one I can take alone, so thank you for being such a huge support along the way. You’ve also been so gracious to open your home to me during this transition time.

Most recently, I’ve been staying with a family and this whole week, I’ve had so much joy, remembering what it’s like to be part of a house where there’s fun and joy and laughter and people who pray and talk and share meals together and can just sit together an enjoy each others’ company. Some days this summer I’ve wanted nothing more than to just sit by myself, in a quiet house, and think about all that is about to happen……and yet in that, I find that I’m longing for the fellowship of others, to hear what God has been doing in THEIR lives, to just be around other people and to be reminded of the family of God that is around us and the new family that I’ll be stepping into.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense to you, but it’s been so life-giving to be here. Surrounded by family, both blood-related and not, and know that God is bringing us all together for a great purpose here on earth.

Here’s an updated video to tell you more about my current financial need!

Let’s go to Romania! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctGo60YWqaA

QUESTIONS—What are the things you’re most curious about when you think about Romania or what I’ll be doing? I want to answer those questions, so put them in the comments below!


One thought on “Updates!

  1. Laura says:

    Will you be able to put pictures of your new home on social media? Can we contact you thru FB and email? Will you be able to share your Romanian address with us? Will we be able to send you ‘things?’ Do you know how many girls you’ll have living with you? Those are just my first few questions 😀


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