This week….

This week I’m going to share some big blessings.

For the last 10 days or so, I’ve been battling a cold that is just now finally going away…this is not really one of the blessings, but I think being sick has made some of these blessings even greater!

  1. Hudson at the beginning of last week was being the most aggressive he’s been, and after a few talks with the director, decided that if we did not see his behavior change drastically and soon, we would be forced to put him back into the custody of child protective services. This tore at my heart so much, and we all did a lot of praying over the next few days and DID see a huge turn around. Just the other night, he asked to use my pen and notebook because he wanted to write. So while I put Camille to bed, I let him write. He usually just draHudson's Letter copyws, so it was surprising to see a half page of writing instead of just a random sketch. He was eager to show me and wanted to explain to me what he wrote…..since it was in Romanian. It brought tears to my eyes as he read “Alissa is good, helps be good, not bad with us. Alissa is beautiful and good with us. God is with us every day and every minute and every minute Alissa loves me and ‘Camille’. Alissa helps us be good.  Alissa stays with us in the house every day. God is with me and ‘Camille’. God you are with me, and ‘Camille’ and Alissa.” That night, he would not let me leave his room. He literally hung onto me smiling, and saying “I will never let you go, not until I’m old.” …..yes, it was in part because he really did not want to go to bed, but I’ll take it as heart felt.
  2.  The other blessing, is simply in humor and joy. Camille and I have been singing Edelweiss almost every night, and I thought I’d include her version for you as it makes me laugh every time. “Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me. Soft and white, GREEN and bright, you look happy to meet me. LASSA MA (which means “leave me alone” in Romanian) snow may you BROOM and grow, BROOM and grow forever. Edelweiss, edelweiss, ad;lakjdlkjfd;lkjff forEVVVVVVVERRRRR” I’ll include a video at some point. 🙂
  3. The last thing, is that I got a hug from a new friend on a difficult day. She didn’t know it was a tough day for me, but when she came and saw me, she knew. She gave me a big hug and held on for a while while I cried. I’m so encouraged by people I’m meeting here, and also by you. Thank you greatly for the letters I’ve received and for the emails and notes I get almost daily. It really does mean a lot to know that you’re praying for me and thinking of me! ….I think about you all the time!



2 thoughts on “This week….

  1. grannyree says:

    So touching. God is truly with you, giving you just the right strength at just the right time. I love you and continue to expect to hear more encouraging posts.


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