Spring is in the air!

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Well again, I’ve been absent in writing! This time I have lots of fun things to report. Since I wrote last, we have received a new little boy in our home! There have been lots of changes accompanying this new addition. He has gone the first five years of his life without many (if any) boundaries or restrictions, so you can imagine the difficulty it is to even get him to sit down and eat, let alone not run across the street by himself or get up at 3AM because he wants to brush his teeth. Despite all this though, he has some really sweet moments. He is very funny too….which unfortunately I don’t think Hudson and Camille appreciate. Instead of chuckling at his funny faces and silly voices, they get extremely upset and instead yell at him. 😦 Hopefully they’ll learn to appreciate some humor in this place, and not be so stubborn. 😉

Another highlight is that spring has definitely sprung here! It has been off and on warm/rainy and trees are starting to bud and flower. It’s beautiful to drive around and see the new life. The fields are even green now…I’m anxious to see what sprouts up! I’m hoping to grow some tomatoes and maybe some herbs too. (Let’s pray that my Mom’s black thumb doesn’t transfer this year to me.)

Okay, and for those of you who’ve been following on FB, I’m sure you’re anxious to hear all about the recent trip I made to Israel! That will have to wait for another separate post. I’m putting together some stories and photos to tell you all about it. For now, I’ll tell you that it was a fantastic time to go away, be refreshed, be with a friend from home, see some amazing places, eat good food and visit the places where Jesus walked, talked, died and rose again! What a great retreat it was from the craziness that is my life these days.

When I was away, it was mothers day in Romania, so I returned to gifts, poems, songs, and lots of love. It was a great way to return. It was also such a huge blessing to have the staff here care for the children while I was away….what a gift for me.

Please keep praying for wisdom and peace. There is a lot of jealousy between the kids right now, and it makes things tough. God is the only one sustaining us. There’s nothing I can do without Him.


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2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. notalogger says:

    Thank you for sharing. Please continue relying on God for strength, wisdom, love, and the right words. You are doing a great thing helping children. There are some of us who don’t “do” facebook so I enjoy reading this forum. Love and thank you from Montana!


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