Happy Easter!

We have been celebrating Easter this past weekend, and it was a great time here! We colored eggs with metallic paint, one of many new experiences for me, and did traditional egg cracking! What is egg cracking? You and another person each take a hard boiled egg (that’s a critical component of successful egg cracking) and the first person says “Hristos a înviat!” (Christ is risen!) Then the second person says “Adevarât a înviat!” (He is risen indeed!) Then you crack the pointed ends together once and see whose egg is stronger. 🙂 It was a fun Easter morning activity! We also ate traditional meat loaf made with lamb innerds. Yes. It wasn’t my favorite part, but I tried it, ok? The best was the Pasca. This is like a sweet cheese bread. I made it for my classmates last year, so I’ll include a picture of that here. It was great, and I wish we would make this more often! mmmmm For lunch we had lamb….actual meat this time, and lots of other good things I can’t really remember. But I did also bring some of my traditions into the meal by making Pineapple stuffing. Everyone loved it.

We had a service on Thursday evening where we celebrated Passover, and lots of great old hymns, naturally sung in Romanian, but I quietly sung in English as best I could. Sunday morning we had a great service and I was able to help out on the piano for the morning worship time! Hudson and I also sang a song together and I read a “poem” or excerpt from a sermon, titled “That’s My King!” You should look that up. It’s worth a listen!

Hudson quietly asked me Saturday night if I knew how to be an Easter bunny……I “do” but honestly had not thought about that AT ALL! Oops. Oh well, I had some jelly beans in my secret stash that I hadn’t opened from Christmas, so I opened those up after church and we had a fun time trying to figure out what flavors they were!

The kids were off school all last week and will start again tomorrow (Wednesday). It has been nice having them around but it will also be nice to get back to normal school schedule. Oddly enough, since the kids had many things planned here by staff and the older teens, I feel like I didn’t have as much time with them as I do when they go to school in the morning!

Also, I found out the day before that it was Michael’s 6th birthday the next day. He went to visit his family so we weren’t together to celebrate but the kids and I made a sign for him when he comes home and will celebrate with him this weekend.



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