Please PRAY!


Hello again friends. I’m urging you to pray as soon as you read this. Some of you have been following the unsettledness inside my little 9 year old Hudson. He has been hurt so bad through his short life and it comes out in anger and abuse.  At the beginning of the month, we told him that if we didn’t see significant change by the end of the month, both he AND his sister Camille would have to go somewhere else. This seemed to shake him but for the first week we didn’t see much change. This week has been really good, but tonight he blew up again and there is a disconnect between some of the staff in how to proceed. Some want him to leave tomorrow, and some of us say that we need to stay with him through the end of the month and see if he does better.

He and Camille are two of the main reasons I’ve come here. I’m desperate for God to work in their lives, to change Hudson’s behaviors and especially his attitude about God. There is nothing I want less than to see these two children put back into a system where their future is more uncertain than here, and most likely going to end in worse behaviors and abuse. Please, PLEASE do not “try” to pray for this everyday this week, actually do it. Sorry for the bluntness, but I heard someone ask this week….”Do you try to put your underwear on every day?” If your answer is No (which I hope it is) then why not? It’s just something you do! So please. Don’t “try” but really do it. These kids’ lives are on the line.

Yes, God will and can work wherever. They don’t have to be HERE for Him to work in their lives, so we are trusting Him in this. Please pray for change. Please pray for God’s will to be done. Please pray for wisdom and grace. Please pray for protection. Please pray for stamina. Just pray. Earnestly. Thank you!


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