Some of you have asked how you can support this mission financially, so here are a few ways you can do that!

Please designate personal support gifts with “MAF” or to support the Ray of Hope Project home for orphans designate “ZRA”.

Thank you!

Give Online! (Personal Support)

Give Online! (Ray of Hope Project Fund)

Give by Electronic Transfer!

Give by Mail or use BillPay!

Checks can be made out to “International Messengers” and sent to their main office, along with a note designating the gift for “MAF”. Send to: International Messengers, PO Box 618, Clear Lake, IA 50428

THANK YOU!! Thank you for participating in this way to see how God will work in the lives of these Romanian orphans.


4 thoughts on “Support

  1. Kathy Osborne says:

    Hello Alissa,
    I have been very busy with a wedding the end of this month but your Undaunted flyer has been on my fridge since you sent it many weeks ago. I wanted you to know that I will commit to monthly support. I know every little bit helps and I know God’s provision is epic in scope no matter what the circumstances look like. In our family we have determined that the most exciting life is the one wherein only God has the map.
    Prayerfully, Kathy Osborne


    • Alissa Foreman says:

      Hi Kathy! Wow, thank you! This is such a blessing to me. God’s map does create a very exciting life for sure. I hope the wedding goes well…both of them! It will be great to have you in this journey with me. 🙂


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