Day 1.5

Well, we made it.  And we’re very tired, about to sleep the 2nd night.  Yesterday, as usual, I had my “mishaps” at the airport…..aka….our plane was late, then my luggage was left in Amsterdam, then because of all that, our car guy wasn’t there to pick us up because he left!!! Then we he did come back, we got a parking ticket because we left the car while we waited to get our luggage!  Oh my. Yes, so I’ve committed my first crime in Europe and I wasn’t even there for 24 hours! Oi.

The home we’re staying in is beautiful!  It currently houses 4-5 girls (having trouble remembering) from the orphanage, but most are my age or older…funny.  The two missionaries & their daughter live here as well, and share the upstairs with their Romanian parents.  It’s wonderful to be part of this family for a few days!  We celebrated their little daughter’s first birthday today, and do you know what the grandpa gave her for a present?  A swingset…..made by hand!!!  He was chopping wood when we pulled in last night. It’s beautiful.

We also got to walk into town to run some errands, and saw what the girls’ do for work…which is make greeting cards to sell!  They’re beautiful cards! (as you can see, I’m short on vocabulary….all i can say is that things are beautiful.)

Anyway, I made a few new friends today, and had fun hearing about all the girls & missionaries do here.  SO cool.  Okay, i need to sleep.  Goodnight!!


One thought on “Day 1.5

  1. Annie-Claude says:

    Oh Alissa,
    What a start to you trip! But that comes as no surprises. Life after all is quite the adventure, especially when you leave the comfort and familiarity of our daily routine and surroundings and step out as you just did!

    Have a great time over there, soak in each moment as it will go by so quickly! Learn, grow, be stretched, wonder, laugh and enjoy! We miss you!
    Thinking of you daily,


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