Day 15: Reading, PA

Tawny and I are back on the road again, starting in the town of Reading! The last week, I was at home working and tawny was enjoying time with her grandparents on the beach. We met back up for a little getaway in New York on Monday. SO much fun. I really miss living there, and am always conspiring for reasons to move back 😉

But even amidst our galavanting around the city, we were itching to get back to the tour. I really missed everyone and just wanted to meet some new people in Pennsylvania! So I got behind the wheel and braved the crazy streets of Manhattan on our way out. Obviously we made it, though not without a few close calls. 😉

It was great to be back, setting up our booth again, seeing the other merch reps and musicians, seeing a new city and all the fun that comes along with all that.

Dara Maclean came over and met us tonight. She told us about her live of worship and performing and how she’s been able to connect with some amazing ministries through that. It was such a pleasure!

Going to sign off, as I’m not feeling great. Please pray for our health and continued growth through the time spent in the Word. Thanks for traveling with us!


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